Services That We Offer

Base Services
  • Services starting at $65
  • Troubleshooting, AC parts and labor vary in price.
  • Our maintenance can lower your average energy costs.
  • The yearly service contract is $150 and includes your basic maintenance and discounts on parts if something goes wrong with your AC. (deadline for payment is January)
  • We replace capacitors, change motors, clean coils, reconnect/run new ducts, add refrigerant, fix electrical issues, replace thermostats, repair furnaces and more.
  • We offer professional recommendations and can show what exactly is wrong with your system.
Common Services

  Drain cleanout                                                      ◉ Refrigerant                                                        ◉ Diagnostic & Status

◉ Capacitor replacement                                       ◉ Board change-outs                                          ◉ Safety checks

◉ Thermostat replacement                                   ◉ Contractor replacement                                ◉ Bids for new systems

◉ Motor Replacement                                             ◉ Electrical troubleshooting                             ◉ Duct repair


Preventive Maintenance
  • Check up/tune up – call for pricing service AC units which includes cleaning outside condenser, checking refrigerant levels and testing capacitors. This will improve the efficiency and lifespan of your unit.
  • Coil cleaning – each unit is different so pricing may vary. Inside coils are brushed and sprayed with special solution. This can increase airflow, help with cooling and can help with drain issues. Drain clear outs are provided with coil cleaning.
  • Drain cleanout – stopped up drains can cause significant damage to your home. This can also cause the unit to turn off. 
  • Outsider condenser coil cleaning – is important for overall efficiency of the unit. This can decrease head pressure for refrigerant which can damage your system if too high.
  • Blower fan servicing – build-up on the blower wheel causes a strain on the blower motor and can decrease airflow.
  • Annual system service – this is a flat rate of $140 annually. This comes with a system tune-up, diagnostic, media filter (if applicable), a discount on parts and expedited service. Dues must be paid by January 30th.